The Charming Thief

The Charming Thief is nationally and internationally renowned as a master magician, pickpocket, hypnotist and phone hacker.  A Master of Applied Linguistics, he performs fluently in 4 languages: English, French, German, mother tongue Dutch. He can be booked as a pickpocket, phone hacker, table magician and/or hypnotist for nearly all events and venues.

In november 2018, this extraordinary artist receives the “award of excellence” from Eventplanner, the organisation that represents the event sector in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Certificate of Excellence The Charming Thief

"Seen on national television!"

  • 13714 watches stolen
  • 1349 wallets lifted
  • 719 phones hacked

… and still at liberty!

You want to book The Charming Thief as table magician, pickpocket,  phone hacker or hypnotist? Or do you prefer the blending of all acts? Click the acts for information or contact us by phone or mail for advice, free of engagement!

The Charming Thief was invited to several talk shows on Belgian national television. In the first late night show of “Jonas & Van Geel,  he demonstrated pickpocketing with Axel Daeseleire.  In the reality show “Axel opgelicht” (Axel cheated), Axel Daeseleire uncovers the techniques of thieves and con men. The pickpocket act also featured in the “Best of” show of “Jonas & Van Geel”.

“Gert Late Night”, a very popular talk show presented by Gert Verhulst, invited The Charming Thief after several people had been robbed on Belgian festivals. The Charming Thief showcased real-life pickpocketing.