You’re looking for a hypnotist? Dominik Messiaen hypnotizes your guests! He not only makes them forget their names, he provides them with a new identity, makes them “spontaneously” hand over their wallet and through the force of suggestion glues their feet to the floor. The hypnosis act can be done as walking act or as stage act.


As a walking act Hypnosis can be combined with Pickpocketing, Phone Hacking and/or Table Magic. For larger groups, we advise a restriction to Hypnosis, in order to allow as many guests as possible to experience the power of hypnotic suggestion.


  • Duration: minimum 2 hours
  • Can be extended by the hour
  • Possible for any event where the hypnotist can be clearly heard and understood

"Seen on national television!"

  • 13714 watches stolen
  • 1349 wallets lifted
  • 719 phones hacked

… and still at liberty!