pickpocket magician

You’re looking for a stylish pickpocket magician? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Charming Thief disguises as table magician and steals elegantly from your guests. This act is booked all the time! The Charming Thief steals watches, wallets, smartphones, glasses, ties and even belts of the unsuspecting spectators. Can be combined with Phone Hacking and/or Hypnosis.


This act is very flexible and can be used in all circumstances. Firms as well as private persons appreciate the fine humour and original approach.  Owning a master degree in Applied Linguistics, The Charming Thief performs his shows perfectly in English, French, German and Dutch.


  • Standard duration: 3 hours
  • Surprise act: 1 hour
  • Perfect for corporate events, weddings, dinners and receptions


"Seen on national television!"

  • 13714 watches stolen
  • 1349 wallets lifted
  • 719 phones hacked

… and still at liberty!