Checklist mobile act

Dear organiser,

In order to guarantee a perfect performance, please check the following points:

  • Please inform the owner of the location or the restaurant that there will be a pickpocket magician. Also let them know that I will arrive approximately 45 minutes in advance and that I need a parking place in the neighbourhood of the location.
  • Ask them to provide a clean and warm room where I can change and where I can leave my material safely.
  • If there is music on the day of the event, please make sure that the sound level is so that people can still easily understand me. Background music is no problem.

On the day of the event, the only thing I need, is some drinking water. Then you can just lean back and enjoy!

Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation. Together we turn your event into a marvelous success!

Dominik Messiaen – The Charming Thief

"Seen on national television!"

  • 13714 watches stolen
  • 1349 wallets lifted
  • 719 phones hacked

… and still at liberty!