Pickpocket on national TV - The Charming Thief
Pickpocket on national TV - Dominik Messiaen

Pickpocket expert Dominik Messiaen is invited to the studios of the belgian national television. In the program “On n’est pas des pigeons” he steals from TV cook Carlo de Pascale and explains the principle behind pickpocketing. He points out the dangers and shows how to protect oneself against street pickpockets.

When traveling abroad you should hang a wallet around your neck under your clothes. In this wallet you put your ID card and credit cards. You should also have a second wallet with some banknotes for expenses during the day. In the worst case, this wallet is stolen and you still have the other one with your important documents.

In public areas pickpockets try to isolate their victim. If this should happen to you, then be alert and watch the people around you directly in the eye and make clear you’ll remember their face. In case you become victim of a pickpocket, immediately alarm the other people. Pickpockets will avoid being caught red-handed and will throw the wallet away immediately. Only that way, there’s no proof against them.

Finally, the pickpocket expert explains what a pickpocket proof handbag looks like. It should be closed with a zipper and a flap that can be closed with a button or a leather strap. The flap should be next to the body. It’s also important to put your wallet and smart phone on the bottom and to put some worthless stuff on top of it. This way, pickpockets can’t see what is in the bag, even if it’s all open.

The television program can be viewed on the Auvio website of the RTBF.

Link: https://www.rtbf.be/auvio/detail_comment-se-proteger-du-vol?id=2597975