Tech rider

Technical requirements


Please provide a professional sound system with at least 3 free channels and a CD-player or USB-port and a technician to operate the system. The technician should be positioned centrally so he can follow the show from this position. The technician must be present an hour before the show for the sound check and must follow the whole show. Dominik also needs a headset microphone and a handheld microphone on a stand.

(For audio specifications see below)


The stage should be lighted out sufficiently from both sides and from the front. The house lights must be dimmed just before the show. At certain moments in the show, the house lights should be lit on simple request.


Dominik needs approximately 4 m by 3 m of clear stage area minimum. The minimal height depends on the number of spectators:

< 50 persons40 cm
<100 persons80 cm
<150 persons80 cm

It is very important that the organizer provides stairs centrally at the front of the stage so that assistants from the audience can easily gain access to the stage.


It’s important that the audience is as close to the stage as possible. There should be absolutely no empty space between the stage and the audience. Chairs should be positioned in a hemisphere or in rows in front of the stage.

Beginning of the show

The organizer provides a host who captures the attention of the audience just before the artist comes onstage. If necessary, he asks certain spectators to change places and to turn off their cell phones. Finally, he introduces the artist.

During the show

The performance has a “closed” character. This means that once started, no one enters the house, leaves it or walks around. There are no disturbing activities. Drinks are not served and tables are not cleared during the show.

Audio specifications

  • Headset: Dominik usually uses a Countryman E6i but any skin coloured (tan) professional headset (Shure, Sennheiser) will do
  • It is important that the speakers are placed in order to avoid feedback, specifically when Dominik goes into the audience. At those moments, it’s also very important the technician can adapt the input level
  • The wireless handset and stand is used when an assistant from the audience comes onstage and talks; here an omni- directional microphone does the job perfectly
  • Music (MP3 format): let us know if you want it on a USB- stick, on a CD or on a SD-card

Logistical information about your venue

  • What time is the load-in and the sound check?
  • What are the dimensions of the stage? How many spectators do you expect?
  • Who’s in the audience? Businessmen/-women? Both sexes? Families? Age groups? Religion groups? Interests?
  • What time do the doors open?
  • What is the line-up of the acts? Timetable? What time is my act?
  • Is there a curtain? Act change: Does the act before mine need time to clear the stage? Do I have time to set up just prior to performance? Do I have time to clear the stage after my act?
  • How long is my set?
  • What time is the load-out?
  • Please describe the parking space available
  • Is there a backstage area available?
  • Details on food and beverage provisions or directions to what’s nearby.
  • House manager’s and technician’s info.

Things much appreciated…

  • 2 bottles of still water and 1 bottle of sparkling water
  • 1 water cooker, 1 coffee cup, a coffee filter and coffee cream
  • 2 clean towels

Thank you very much for your effort!
I sincerely appreciate it.

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